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            ABOUT US

Pedopolis is an enrichment center that turns eager students into Global Learners.

We have created this center that can host students (3-12 years old) along with their teachers and chaperones to participate in various types of activities.

These activities are intended to stand alone or complement the topics taught at schools and or tutorial centers, using the key elements of Global Learning.

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about usPedopolis can accommodate from a small group of children to a whole school.

Our staff is extremely experienced in customizing activities for different ages and proficiency of the English language, but also in the specific topics. We can create lessons uniquely fitting your existing themes, units and topics.

We have created an esthetically pleasing space for ample learning, but also a space where safety for the students was our main concern. We have a clean, newly remodeled space with safe access to the main entrance from the school buses, and a fenced-in outdoor area.

scool excursions play discover create come celebrate
We invite your school to
Pedopolis for a unique learning
experience. Through our programs, students will be entertained while learning.

On Weekday afternoons the children participate
in different activities that will give them the experience and the joy of creating, learning and discovering through play.

We offer a spacious indoor and outdoor space
for parties, celebrations and other
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We invite your school to Pedopolis for a unique learning experience. In cooperation with you, we will customize field trips for your academic needs. (Offered in both English and Greek languages)