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Pedopolis is an ideal place for enriching a topic that you are studying in school. We can be the introduction to your new topic or we can be the celebratory ending to your topic.    

Some things we will be asking when booking with us: 

  • Specific topic for the day 
  • Date of trip
  • Age/Grade of children that will be attending
  • Are there any children with special needs we can accommodate
  • What language will the lesson be taught in
  • Number of children and chaperones that will be attending
  • Will the children be bringing snack/lunch to eat at our facilities
  • Approximate time of arrival
  • Duration of trip (1.5 hours or 2.0 hours)
  • Contact information (phone, email) 

We will discuss in detail the information that will be presented during your time with us.  Adjustments can be made to suit your needs.  All field trips are custom made for each group that participates in our program.